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True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. __ _F _ 1. Redundancy wastes space because you are storing different types of data in the same place. ___ _F 2. Each table in a database represents two or more entities. ___ T _ 3. Sharing data is one advantage of database processing. ____ T 4. The attributes of an entity become the fields or columns in a table. ____ T 5. Each column in a table should have a unique name, and entries in each column should all “match” this column name. __ _F _ 6. In a relation, the order of the columns is important. ___ _F 7. In a relation, the order of rows is important. ___ F _ 8. An unnormalized relation is a table that has more than one row.
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Unformatted text preview: __ _T _ 9. A column whose value uniquely identifies a given row in the table is the secondary key. ___ T _ 10. A query is a question represented in a way that the DBMS can recognize and process. ___ T _ 11. QBE is a visual approach to writing queries. __ F__ 12. The comparison operators are +, *, %, and /. __ T_ 13. The comparison operators are also known as relational operators. __ T__ 14. In an AND criterion, the overall criterion is true if either of the individual criteria is true. __ _F _ 15. The concept of grouping means that statistics will be calculated for individual records....
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