Lecture 9 - Infancy and Childhood

Lecture 9 - Infancy and Childhood - Conception Pre-Natal...

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1 Pre-Natal, Infancy, and Childhood Development Conception A single sperm cell (male) penetrates the outer coating of the egg (female) and fuse to form one fertilized cell. Prenatal development Start as one cell, than 2…4….8…. .16 Called a zygote Within 1 week Cells start to differentiate Attaches to uterine wall Called an embryo Within 6 weeks, organs form and function Prenatal Development By 9 weeks, embryo looks human Called a fetus Fetus receives nutrients from mother through placenta Whatever mother takes, baby is potentially exposed to Prenatal development Teratogens Any substance that can reach the embryo or fetus and cause harm Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, bacteria, viruses Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) Small, misproportioned head Lifelong brain abnormalities Leading cause of mental retardation If alcoholic, and drink during pregnancy, 4 in 10 chance baby will have FAS
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2 The Competent Newborn Infants are born with reflexes that aid survival Rooting reflex that helps them locate food Offspring cries are important signals for parents to provide nourishment Surprisingly, infants can tell us a lot about what they are thinking…. .you just have to know how to ask Habituation Decreasing responsiveness with repeated stimulation What do babies know (4 months) Focus on faces first Can discriminate between shapes and colors Even have a general understanding of number!! Physical Development
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Lecture 9 - Infancy and Childhood - Conception Pre-Natal...

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