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Lecture 10 - Adolescence

Lecture 10 - Adolescence - Adolescence Life between...

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1 Adolescence Adolescence Life between childhood and adulthood Originally, psychologists believed that traits set in childhood Today psychologists believe that development is a lifelong process. Physical Development Adolescence begins with puberty (sexual maturation). Puberty occurs earlier in females (11 years) than males (13 years). Thus height in females increases before males. Sexual Characteristics Primary sex characteristics Reproductive organs and external genitalia develop Secondary sex characteristics Brain Development Until puberty neurons increase their connections At adolescence selective pruning of the neurons begin Unused neuronal connections are lost to make other pathways more efficient Frontal Lobe Neurons in the frontal cortex myelinate, speeding up nerve conduction Frontal cortex lags behind limbic system development Hormonal surges and limbic system may explain teens’ occasional impulsiveness
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2 Cognitive Development
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