Lecture 14 - Introduction to Memory

Lecture 14 - Introduction to Memory - – immediate brief...

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Lecture 14 1 Introduction to Memory Josh Wede Psych 100 Memory Persistence of learning over time, through storage and retrieval of information The basis of knowing your friends, your neighbors, the English language, the national anthem, and yourself. If no memory, everyone would be a stranger to you, every language foreign, every task new, and even you yourself would be a stranger. Flashbulb Memories As if a flashbulb illuminates the scene for a camera, which records with high accuracy Feels like a clear, strong, and persistent memory Not free from errors Stages of Memory Encoding getting information into memory system Storage retention of information Retrieval getting information out Keyboard (Encoding) Disk (Storage) Monitor (Retrieval) Information Processing Atkinson-Schiffrin three-stage model of memory sensory memory
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Unformatted text preview: – immediate, brief recording of sensory information – short-term memory - holds a few items briefly, before the info is stored or forgotten – long-term memory – relatively permanent and limitless storage Problems with Atkinson-Shiffrin 1. Some information skips the first two stages and enters long-term memory automatically. 2. Since we cannot focus all the sensory information in the environment, we select information (through attention) that is important to us. 3. The nature of short-term memory is more complex. Lecture 14 2 Upgraded Memory Model Working Memory • Baddeley • Much more realistic representation of STM • Information will stay in memory as long as rehearse it • Contains auditory and visual-spatial elements • Allows us to do multiple tasks at once Working Memory...
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Lecture 14 - Introduction to Memory - – immediate brief...

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