Lecture 16 – Retrieval

Lecture 16 – Retrieval - Lecture 16 Getting...

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Lecture 16 1 Lecture 16 Retrieval/Forgetting Josh Wede Psych 100 Getting Info Out Recall retrieve information learned earlier Recognition identify items previously learned Multiple choice test Relearning memory measure that examines time saved when learning material again Retrieval Cues Memories are held in storage by a web of associations. These associations are like anchors that help retrieve memory. Fire Truck truck red fire heat smoke smell water hose Priming To retrieve a specific memory from the web of associations, you first need to activate one of the strands that lead to it, a process called priming. Context Effects Scuba divers recalled more words underwater if they learnt the list underwater, and recalled more words on land if they learned the list on land (Godden & Baddeley, 1975). State Dependent Memory Pharmacological state 10 oz 80 proof vodka Sober or intoxicated at study Sober or intoxicated at test
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2 State Dependent Memory Mean Errors Retrieval State Study State Sober Intoxicated Sober 1.25 2.25 Intoxicated 4.58 2.50 Goodwin et al. 1969 Mood Dependent Memory • Mood Inducement Play happy or sad music Think happy or sad thoughts Mood Congruent Memory A given mood tends to cue memories that are consistent with that mood if you are depressed, you’ll tend to recall only depressing things if you are happy, you’ll tend to recall only happy things Déja Vu Déja Vu means “"I've experienced this before.” Cues from the current situation may unconsciously trigger retrieval of an earlier similar experience. Forgetting
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Lecture 16 – Retrieval - Lecture 16 Getting...

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