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Hendrickson H Homework 1 H 1) Create a sub-directory called <temp> in your home directory which is the working directory when you just log in. mkdir temp m 2) Create a sub-directory called <subtemp> in <temp> 2 mkdir subtemp temp m 3) Create file ex1.txt in <temp> and ex2.txt in <subtemp> 3 cat > ex1.txt temp cat > ex2.txt subtemp 4) Check file type and file's user access mode for file ex1.txt and ex2.txt 4 ls Kdlf ex1.txt ex2.txt
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Unformatted text preview: 5) rename ex1.txt as ex1 and move it to $HOME 5 mv ex1.txt ex1 mv ex1 $HOME m 6) change file pemissions of ex1, add user and group execute permission. 6 chmod ug+x ex1 c 7) copy file ex1 to your home directory cp ex1 $HOME c 8) copy the whole <temp> to $HOME/temp1 8 cp temp $HOME/temp1 c 9) remove all files and sub-directories in <temp> 9 rm &r temp r 10) remove <temp> rmdir temp...
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