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Tiauna Hendrickson September 15, 2009 Soci1101 – Holland Scholarly Article I Analysis of “Her” Marriage after the Revolutions In the article, the authors focus on the idea of a woman’s satisfaction in marriage. They start off by addressing the gender revolution and the family revolution as a cause of the changes in marriage within the last fifty years. In defining the gender revolution as a cause, they state that a women’s increase of appear ance in the workforce results in a household where males are becoming increasingly domestic. And in the family revolution, the expression of individualism and the focus of emotional dimensions in a marriage, rather than focusing on providing life long commitments as earlier marriages, creates the shift from marriage fifty years ago to marriages today. The authors went on to conduct a survey using over 5,000 married couples; this survey consisted of three main questions: “ (1) How important is men’s emotion work —their affection, empathy, and quality time devoted to the marriage—to women’s marital happiness? (2) Are women in marriages
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Soc1101-Article1 - Tiauna Hendrickson Soci1101 Holland...

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