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Unformatted text preview: Tiauna Hendrickson September 18, 2009 Sociology 1101 SOCIAL LOCATION I N TERV IEW: Introduction: In my social location interview, I was assigned to interview a willing participant on their status and role in a particular social institution in society. During the interview, I covered various topics including statuses, roles, social institutions, behaviors, norms, mores, folkways and how the interviewee felt about their responsibility relating to each topic. I was the able to summarize and analyze the information gathered from the interview. Description: For the interviewee, I decided that I wanted to choose a person of relative convenience. I knew that I wanted to be able to spend a lot of time providing background information and to gather all of what my interviewee had to say regarding the different topics. I decided that interviewing my mother at home would be interesting. I was able to catch her working from home, since she works a lot, on Tuesday, September 15, 2009. My mother is a 41 year old African American female with whom I admire and aspire to be like one day. I was hoping to interview her in her status as a mother, but she preferred that I inquired on her role as a wife. Summary: Before beginning the interview, I rewrote the questions in a way that my mother would be able to understand better since she is not a sociologist. Some questions, I decided to leave as is and provided her with some background information including definitions and examples before asking, making sure that she thoroughly understood and was able to provide a viable and detailed answer. And with that we began the interview: 1. What is the social institution? (E.g., family, economy, politics.) The social institution is family. 2. What is the stated purpose of this institution in our society? In society a family should serve as a support system, backbone and provider for its members. In a marriage a family should be “a desired living arrangement in which a husband and wife, based on principles of a Christian [or other religious] foundation...
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Soc1101-SocLocInt - Tiauna Hendrickson Sociology 1101...

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