ChE102-A4 - ChE102ChemistryforEngineersAssignment4

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ChE102 Chemistry for Engineers - Assignment 4 Due: Week Beginning October 12 th , 2009 1. From Petrucci et al., 9 th Edition, 2007: Chapter 6, questions: 78, 103, 104 ( Note : there is a typo in the units for the constant C in question 104: C = 1230 cm 6 /mol 2 ) 2. One mole of SO 2 occupies a volume of 1.85 L at 0 °C and 10 atm. Explain whether each of the following statements is correct or incorrect (show calculations): A. SO 2 behaves as a non-ideal gas. B. The compressibility factor ( Z ) for SO 2 is less than one. C. The density of SO 2 is less than the density predicted by the ideal gas law. D. SO 2 molecules are attracting each other. E. The van der Waals equation is an equation of state for real gases and could be used to calculate the volume occupied by 1 mol of SO 2 . 3. Consider the following statements about the kinetic theory of gases: A) T\’he average kinetic energy of gas molecules is directly proportional to the absolute temperature. B) At constant temperature and pressure, all molecules of a gas in a sample will
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ChE102-A4 - ChE102ChemistryforEngineersAssignment4

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