Unit 2 Review - The economy 4 Statistics that describe the...

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Organizations that are affected by and that affect their environment are called: ____________. (Points: 4) Inputs Outputs Open systems External environment 2. Specific government organizations in a firm's immediate task environment are called ______________. (Points: 4) Substitutes New entrants Regulators Economic indicators 3. Interest rates, inflation, the federal deficit and unemployment levels are all elements in which aspect of the macroenvironment? (Points: 4) The social environment The international environment The regulatory environment
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Unformatted text preview: The economy 4. Statistics that describe the population in terms of age, gender, education, income and occupation is referred to as: (Points: 4) Demographics Market placing Categorization Population consensus 5. Organizations must acquire a variety of resources in order to produce a product or service of value. These resources may include materials, equipment, financing or even employees. The sources that provide these various resources are referred to as: (Points: 4) Resource firms Placement centers Wholesalers Suppliers...
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Unit 2 Review - The economy 4 Statistics that describe the...

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