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One Sandwich Blitz location is near a public assistance housing complex, which is populated by a large segment of displaced hurricane victims, many of whom are of various ethnic minority groups. While sales are still good, this location has been the target of two armed robberies over the past year. Some employees have voiced their concern over working at this particular location. Local community leaders have urged Jack and Jenny to keep this location open and told them about a local neighborhood improvement initiative designed to make this neighborhood safer and more attractive. Sandwich Blitz has one more year left on
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Unformatted text preview: a five-year lease. Refer to Unit 8's assigned textbook readings. Then discuss the concepts of diversity and social responsibility as they apply to this scenario. To ensure that you respond successfully please follow the Student Checklist below: 1. Discuss if Jack and Jenny have a social responsibility to keep the store at the current location 2. Identify how the issue of ethnic diversity in the neighborhood plays into Jack and Jenny's decision - making process 3. Explain how the issues of corporate social responsibility would play a part in Jack and Jenny's decision-making process...
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