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Self-managed teams are inherently semi-autonomous, meaning they are comprised of individuals who work as a team and can manage themselves without too much oversight. This type of management style would enable Jack and Jenny at Sandwich Blitz to spend more time taking care of business matters that are the most important to them. It would also allow Jack and Jenny to avoid spending the bulk of their time putting out fires or attending to small and inconvenient matters of management. By enabling managers underneath Jack and Jenny’s level, the managers would be better equipped to handle day to day activities. This would involve training the self- managed teams to better plan, determine, and manage their own responsibilities – as well as becoming a support to upper management. This is achieved through sharing of the company’s overall vision and enabling self-managed or self-directed teams to essentially supervise themselves. The ultimate goal would be to reduce Jack’s involvement so he can concentrate on
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Unformatted text preview: the items hes been putting off or unable to attend to because of the time hes committed putting out all those little fires. In order for self-managed teams to occur, a training and transition period is necessary to help managers be comfortable with a new level of authority. New responsibilities require new skill sets. The adjustment period goes both ways upper management must also learn how to relinquish micromanaging that may have occurred in the past. All will be representing the companys interests and working toward achieving the companys vision as a whole. One new challenge for upper management and leadership would be to keep this vision in the minds of all of the employees, especially the managers who are directing the self-directed teams. The unified vision is of critical importance. This type of self-directed or self-managed atmosphere leads to many positive benefits: improved labor relations, improved employee morale, and improved performance levels....
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