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In order to apply the four step process Jenny must: 1. Set Standards For each position in the sandwich shop, she must identify how she would like each task completed so as to have the "Sandwich Blitz" feel. 2. Measure Performance For each task (in each position) she must decide who will measure whether the task is being done properly (crew manager, unit manager, her, Jack, etc) and how often the task will be measured. 3. Compare She must then compare the measured task performance to the Standard
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Unformatted text preview: created. 4. Determine Deviation If there is a difference in between the standard, she must determine how big the difference is and how to best communicate that gap to the staff person. If the gap results in a new idea for how to do things that Jenny would like to implement, the original standard must be modified and the entire staff in that position must be retrained on the new way....
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