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Jack and Jenny should employ the reward and coercive source of power. A leader who demonstrates reward power has the ability to persuade his or her employees to have more ambition to accomplish their goals, based on a reward system. They need a leader who can implement disciplinary actions. Employees should be aware of the consequences that come with performance issues, whether it is attendance, job performance or other. An action plan should be put in place for verbal, written and final warning after a certain amount of occurrences. Then you use the reward plan by implementing a reward such as having an occurrence removed after a
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Unformatted text preview: certain amount of consecutive days with no attendance problems. In my opinion, we are all human and things can happen to any of us that may prevent us from being on time. Having this type of a reward system will allow the employees that are not taking advantage of the situation to get back to a clean slate. On the other hand, those who are abusing the system will have to face the consequences but still have an opportunity to correct their actions and get back on track....
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