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1. I believe creating a new position between the CEO and location managers would help the business by providing Jack much needed time to deal with important issues and allow him to delegate other important factors of his job to the two new managers. It will also relieve some of the work load off of the location managers, allowing them to focus more on their store’s immediate needs. 2. Promoting an existing manager is always a good option. Jack and Jenny have two managers that have exhibited much skill in the management of their current locations. Because they already possess the knowledge of Sandwich Blitz, it may be beneficial promoting from within.
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Unformatted text preview: On the other hand, a well qualified and experienced candidate that is not currently employed with Sandwich Blitz may bring some fresh ideas to the business. 3. As the CEO and CFO of Sandwich Blitz Inc., Jack and Jenny are ultimately the decision makers of the company. They can always discuss the possibility and welcome opinions and suggestions of the store managers, but the final decision should be made by the two of them. 4. Jack and Jenny are still at the top as CEO/CFO. Directly under them would be the two new senior managers followed by the location managers and then the crew supervisors would report to them....
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