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W elcome to the Study Aids Module. Look at your Study Aids score on the LASSI. If you scored between: 75-100 You probably don’t need to give a high priority to improving your use of study aids. 50-75 You should consider improving your strategies. 0-50 You need to improve your use of study aids, or you may have serious problems succeeding in college. Using the information presented in this module, you will be able to increase your knowledge of study aids and increase your likelihood for academic success. RESEARCH Research Tells Us That Students Who Use Study Aids Well Have a better understanding of the information they are studying. Remember new information in a way that makes it easier for them to recall and use it later. Are often more effective at Fnding the main ideas and important information in their courses. Research Tells Us That Students Who Do Not Use Study Aids Well May not know about the types of study aids provided in their classes or study materials. May not understand the information they are trying to learn as well as other students. May have trouble recalling information when they need it for tests or other academic activities. S tudy Aids 1
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Using Textbook Study Aids Using textbook study aids means being able to understand how and when to use textbook aids or prompts that are designed to support your studying and learning. This knowledge will help you beneft From the study aids that your textbooks provide. For example: Textbooks often have study aids like: headings special type or markings to emphasize important material visual aids (diagrams, charts, maps, etc.) review questions a web site Each of these tools can help you use different ways for processing and learning new information. However, unless you know how to recognize and use these aids, you will not beneft From them. Aids To Use For Pre-Reading Textbook’s Title The title describes what the whole book will be about or what approach the author is taking. Making note of the title of your text will give you some idea about its contents. Table of Contents This study aid lists all of a text’s main topics. It is important to use this tool to note the text’s organization and the relationships among the different topics. Chapter Titles As with the book’s title, the chapter titles give you some idea about what you will be reading. These titles help you to identify the main topic for each chapter. Chapter Preview, Outline, or Objectives Chapter previews or outlines give you both an idea of how the chapter is organized and how to identify main ideas you will need to learn in the chapter. Chapter objectives also help you to learn what the author considers to be the important information in the chapter. 2
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LASSI_STUDY_AIDS - S tudy aids h ttp:/

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