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W elcome to the Self-Testing Module. Look at your Self-Testing score on the LASSI. If you scored between: 75-100 You probably don’t need to work on your checking, or self-testing, of what you are learning. 50-75 You should consider improving your strategies. 0-50 You need to improve your self-testing skills, or you may have serious problems succeeding in college. Self-Testing Is A Way of Checking Your Understanding Have you ever read something and then not remembered a word of it? Self-testing is a way of checking to see if you understand and remember the information you are trying to learn. Self-testing will help you determine if you are understanding the information you are trying to learn and when you are having difFculties. Reviewing and self-testing also gives you the chance to better connect new information with your prior knowledge. The new knowledge that you are going to learn in your courses at Kaplan will be easier to remember and recall for later use. SELF-TESTING STRATEGIES
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LASSI_SELFTESTING - S elf-Testing http:/

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