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W elcome to the Selecting Main Ideas Module. Look at your Selecting Main Ideas score on the LASSI. If you scored between: 75-100 You probably don’t need to work on improving your skills at selecting main ideas. 50-75 You should consider improving your strategies. 0-50 You need to improve your sills at selecting main ideas, or you may have serious problems succeeding in college. Using the information, suggestions, strategies and skills presented in this module, other students have been able to improve their abilities at selecting main ideas and increase their likelihood for academic success. R E S E A R C H What Research Tells Us About Students Who Select Main Ideas Well Can usually identify and separate key ideas from supporting details or examples. Are more efficient in their learning, as well as more successful. Focus their use of learning strategies on the most important content in a class. What Research Tells Us About Students Who Do Not Select Main Ideas Well May not pay attention to how the information that they are learning relates to their goals. Have increasing difficulty as they move into advanced courses where more information resources become available to them. Learn the wrong material and have difficulty preparing for tests. http://lassimodules.com with permission from H&H Publishing Company, Inc. S electing Main Ideas 1
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S E L E C T I N G I M P O R T A N T I N F O R M A T I O N Selecting Important Information Helps You To Be Effective And Efficient Selecting main ideas means selecting important information to concentrate on during class or while you are reading and studying. Effective and efficient studying and learning requires that you be able to select the important material for in-depth attention. You have to make judgments about what is and is not important to learn. Most lectures, discussions, and textbooks contain repetitive material, extra examples, and supporting details to explain what is being taught or presented. A major college task involves separating the important material from the supporting details or examples. You need to remember important material for tests or future reference. You need the less important information to help you learn, but it does not have to be remembered. If you cannot select the critical information, then you will try to learn a huge amount of material. Much of the supporting material does not need to be remembered after you have learned the main ideas. If you don’t separate the key points from the supporting details, you can waste a good deal of time that could be put to better use helping you reach your other important academic and life goals. Here are a few important points to remember about looking for and finding important information and main ideas: Finding the main idea is a special case of identifying important information.
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