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elcome to the Concentration Module. Look at your Concentration score on the LASSI. If you scored between: 75-100 You probably don’t need to work on improving your concentration. 50-75 You should consider improving your concentration. 0-50 You need to improve your concentration, or you may have serious problems succeeding in college. RESEARCH Research Tells Us That Students Who Concentrate Well Focus their attention on what they need to do in order to reach their academic and life goals. Eliminate as many distractions as possible while studying. Avoid letting their minds wander or focus on other matters when they are studying. Research Tells Us That Students Who Do Not Concentrate Well Have doubts about the benefts college. May not be able to focus their attention in order to accomplish their goals. Get distracted from their physical surroundings and/or their own thoughts or emotions. Exert more effort to complete readings or assignments because their mind wanders to other matters.
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LASSI_CONCENTRATION - C oncentration h...

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