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elcome to the Attitude Module. Look at your Anxiety score on the LASSI. If you scored between: 75-100 You probably don’t need to give a high priority to improving your attitude. 50-75 You should consider improving your strategies. 0-50 You need to improve your attitude toward college to avoid serious problems that would prevent you from succeeding in college. Using the information presented in this module, you will be able to improve your attitudes and increase your likelihood for academic success. Being successful at anything begins with a positive attitude. Consider the1999, 2000, and 2001 Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, who fought a difFcult battle with cancer. Without a positive mental attitude, he would have been able to overcome a life-threatening disease and then go on to win one of the most grueling events in sports for three years in a row? No matter what you set out to do, the journey begins with your attitude. You need to have the belief that: You want to do something. It is worthwhile doing. You will do what is necessary to succeed. Your attitude toward college relates to how important your education is to you and how committed you are to doing the work it takes to complete it successfully. Everything you do affects how well you do in college. The effect may be positive or negative, but there will be an effect. A person’s attitude is one of the most important factors associated with success. In every profession (e.g., sports, entertainment, education, business, medicine, politics, the military) successful people believe they can succeed, and they maintain the energy, interest, and focus required to succeed. It is not always easy, but most successful people accept and face challenges in order to accomplish their most important and meaningful goals.
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LASSI_ATTITUDE - A ttitude 75-100 50-75 0-50 h...

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