CS113 Unit 10 Final Assignment

CS113 Unit 10 Final Assignment - question one and also be...

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Your Full Name CS113 Academic Strategies for the Business Professional Writing Assignment Month day, year
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Always indent five to seven spaces and have your margins at 1 inch at the sides and top margin of your paper. Also be sure to double space the page and if needed, cite any sources you might have used. Notice the font type is Times New Roman and the size is 12 pt. Check spelling and grammar. Do not use abbreviations unless you know they are appropriate. There are some critical elements too! For instance, you are required to use Standard English and pay close attention to your grammar, style, and mechanics. This means that you put periods and commas where required and capitalize words that require capitalization. Go back and be sure to respond to the questions completely. Provide specific examples of the concepts and topics for
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Unformatted text preview: question one and also be specific when answering question two. You should have specific examples for the impact this course had on you, as well. Remember too, that writing needs to have a purpose. Make sure your viewpoint is clearly stated and that you are showing logical transitions from one idea to the next. Be clear, concise, and focused. Don’t jump around as you write out your ideas. Keep it organized and flowing. I hope that this example has helped provide you with a good understanding of how to write well. Don’t forget that you also have the Writing Center if you need extra help; but be sure to submit early because everyone’s essay is due the same day!...
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CS113 Unit 10 Final Assignment - question one and also be...

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