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There are two parts to this question. Make sure you include both parts in your initial post. Click here to go to the Keirsey website and take the KTS-II Assessment. Do sign in and use a good email address. You are not obligated to do any additional surveys. You should choose the FREE REPORT at the bottom to get your results. There is no cost to this assessment. Part 1: Introduce yourself to your classmates and instructor! For this first Unit discussion, please tell us briefly something about yourself and why you chose your major. Also include a few sentences on what
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Unformatted text preview: you learned from taking the Keirsey Temperment Sorter II Personality Instrument. Part 2: Share with us one of your previous "first time" experiences. This should be something that you might have been concerned with learning how to do at first but later found easier. Some suggestions are: Your first time learning how to send an e-mail. Your first time learning how to use instant message. Your first time learning how to buy something online. Your first time learning something new. Your answers to these questions should all be submitted together as one response...
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