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Unit 7 [CS113 | Academic Strategies for the Business Professional ] 1 Reading Reading: Why Set Goals? Why set goals? Having a clear direction for your future and a picture of what you plan to do is extremely important for maintaining a positive attitude. Having clear goals is a key to creating and maintaining a positive mindset even when “things get tough.” Qualities of Goals In order for goals to be useful, they need to have the following qualities: The goals that you set for yourself must be based on your values and beliefs. No one else can choose goals for you. Others can make suggestions, but you must "own" your goals for them to be useful. You must decide what you want to achieve. Goalsetters Studies have shown that people who set goals for themselves are more likely to: Suffer less stress and anxiety Concentrate and remember better Demonstrate greater self-confidence Perform better and achieve more Be happier and more satisfied Relationship with Time Most people have dreams and goals for various aspects of their lives. We can have personal, educational, professional, financial, and community service goals. The length of time you have to achieve your goals is important in determining how you are able to approach them. Short Term/Long Term Goals
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CS113 Reading Unit 7 - Reading Unit 7[CS113 | Academic...

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