CS113 Reading Unit 6 - Unit 6 [CS113 | Academic Strategies...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit 6 [CS113 | Academic Strategies for the Business Professional ] 1 Reading Strategies and Tips Reading comprehension is our ability to understand and remember the material we read; it is a skill that weakens if it is not used. For that reason, we need to learn the process involved in reading comprehension and consciously apply it. Three major factors in reading success are: 1. motivation 2. concentration 3. effective reading strategies Purposes Three major factors in reading success: Motivation can be found in just wanting to learn, to get a good grade on a test or project, or to complete the course and keep moving towards our career goals. This is different from reading for pleasure or other motivation. Concentration may involve choosing the right location or time of day in order to be able to focus on what we are reading - this takes time management, of course, and may involve taking breaks or scheduling specific amounts of time to avoid fatigue. It also takes practice to be able to concentrate on the content of what we are reading. Reading Strategies help the reader to become fully involved in the process and think critically. Being thorough and methodical in your approach to difficult reading can help you learn, concentrate, and retain the information as well as make the best use of your time. Strategies and Tips for Reading Comprehension Highlight what you think is most important: If you want to fully understand what you are reading, reading it once is not enough. Highlight the main ideas and review them after you have read the entire piece. Broaden your background: Read newspapers, magazines, books, and professional journals. Become interested in current events, particularly those happening within your career field. This will help you build a stronger mental framework for ideas and concepts. Unit 6 [CS113 | Academic Strategies for the Business Professional ] 2 Create motivation and interest: Discuss ideas with your friends, family, coworkers, and classmates. The stronger your interest in the subject, the greater your comprehension will be....
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CS113 Reading Unit 6 - Unit 6 [CS113 | Academic Strategies...

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