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Unit 2 [CS113 | Academic Strategies for the Business Professional ] 1 Reading Time Management Students today are very busy and their lives are full of responsibilities such as work, taking care of family, their home, school, and many other things. Students also have social and personal commitments such as getting together with friends, playing sports, shopping, and watching TV. All of these are time consuming, and with just 24 hours each day, finding the time to get it all done is what time management is all about! Topics Getting it all done - Take away a few ideas you can use. The Keys to Successful Planning - Read how to "Chunk Your Time" and many more tips. Tools and an Overview - Learn about additional tools and read the recap. Writing a weekly schedule is an important step. Appointments and meetings are less likely to be missed, and projects for your classes can be scheduled so that there is plenty of time to ask the instructor questions and still hand them in on time. Plan at least a week at a time for the best results. To Do A daily "to-do" list can help you organize your activities for the day. Prepare your "To- Do" list each morning (or the night before), listing all the activities you wish to complete during the day, and cross each one off as you complete it. Completing everything you planned to do for the day can provide a great sense of accomplishment. Optional Activity: If you want more information about making a “to-do” list, you can go to http://www.mindtools.com/prtodo.html , and read the article entitled “To-Do Lists; The Key to Efficiency.” This article talks about creating and prioritizing tasks in a "to-do" list. The Keys to Successful Planning Be Realistic - Only put things on your list that you think you can accomplish. Keep in mind that there are limited hours in the day and a limit to your energy level as well. Build in Extra Time for the Unexpected
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CS113 Reading Unit 2 - Reading Unit 2 [CS113 | Academic...

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