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COMPANY_DATA_BASE - -You might need to use power point to...

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STAT 211 STATISTICS PROJECT This is a study case where you have to apply all your statistics 211 knowledge. The idea is that you work for a statistical consulting company that offer services analyzing and conducting statistical analysis. Your boss has given you the following data and he is asking you to prepare a STATISTICAL REPORT that will be presented to the company that requested this study. Remember: - A statistical report should not show any partial work and/or steps you have done to come out with your results. - Keep in mind that the audience might not have any statistic background; therefore you have to present the result or information in a manner that they will be able to digest it. At the same time, you have to show that your statistical report is technical from the stat point of view. - Keep in mind the “a picture tells you more than a thousand words”, use this hint for your project.
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Unformatted text preview: -You might need to use power point to do your report. COMPANY DATA BASE The following data base contains nine variables measured on N = 200 fictitious company employees. Each now represents the values of nine variables for a single employee. The number in the first column (1 – 200) is the employee number. Each subsequent column represents the values of one variable for all 200 employees. The nine variables are defined as follows: X1 = Number of years with the company X2 = Number of overtime hours worked during the past six months X3 = Gender; 1 = Female, 2 = Male X4 = Number of continuing education courses completed X5 = Number of sick days taken during the past six months X6 = Score on company aptitude test X7 = Amount of education: 0 = High school diploma 1 = Some college 2 = College degree 3 = Post graduate X8 = Annual base salary X9 = Employee age...
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