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Page 1 of 5 Exam 1, CHE 131 Fall 2009 Multiple Choice, 4 points each On the Scantron form, bubble in the letter of the one choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. No credit will be given for multiple answers. ____ 1. What is the correct name of the SO 3 2– ion? A. sulfite ion B. sulfur trioxide ion C. persulfate ion D. sulfate ion E. sulfur ozonide ion ____ 2. If you scoop up water with your hand, you get about 9g of water. Imagine that you line up all the hydrogen atoms of that sample into a single row. How far would that row stretch from Stony Brook. Available information: - The effective diameter of a hydrogen atom is about 100 pm. - One mole is rounded up to 10 24 . - The atomic mass of hydrogen is rounded to 1 amu. A. To New York City, 100 km. B. To Tokyo, 10000 km. C. To the outer edge of the solar system, 10 11 km. D. A quarter of the way to the moon, 100000 km. E. To Cincinnati, 1000 km. ____ 3. For a sophisticated kinetic isotope effect experiment a 1g sample of the molecule HD was prepared. Thus in this special sample of the element hydrogen each molecule contains one protium isotope (normal hydrogen atom) and one deuterium isotope. Which one of the following statements concerning the content of the sample is correct ? (The atomic mass of protium is 1.0 amu, the atomic mass of deuterium is 2.0 amu.) A. The relative mass percentage of both isotopes is 50%. B. None of the other four statements is correct. C. The relative abundance of deuterium is 50% and its mass percentage is also 50%. D. The relative abundance of protium is 50% and the mass percentage of deuterium is
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e1_131_F09 - Exam 1 CHE 131 Fall 2009 Multiple Choice 4...

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