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lab point totals

lab point totals - is approximately a C While overall...

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xii Fundamentals of Scienti± c Inquiry Letter Grades are not assigned by the Course Director until the end of the semester and all of the points have been submitted by each instructor. Letter grades in the course are based on your final point total. The table to the right will help you determine the MINIMUM letter grade that you will receive based on accumulated points. However, we must curve the class based on the performance of individual sections because there are multiple instructors. There- fore, your letter grade may be higher than this scale (for example, in BIO204 fall 2008, a score of 875-1000 received an “A” and the “F” range was 0-499 points). The average letter grade in this course
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Unformatted text preview: is approximately a C+. While overall course grades are commonly curved up, they are never curved down. If every student accumu-lates 1000 points by the end of the semester, then everyone earns an “A”. Use the following page to monitor your progress in BIO204: Group assignments (G) are shaded above. All “Lab Exams” grades will be posted to Blackboard. There is an extra credit Challenge Exam worth 10 points. Your grade will be calculated out of 1000 points. Point Total Letter Grade 933-1000 A 900-932 A- 867-899 B+ 833-866 B 800-832 B- 767-799 C+ 733-766 C 700-732 C- 667-699 D+ 600-666 D-599 F...
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