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Self test greenhouse students f09

Self test greenhouse students f09 - Self-Test Questions...

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Self-Test Questions Student Copy What is the purpose of the self-test? This is a formative assessment for you – you will not be graded on this self-test, but may find similar type questions on a lab practical or an exam. You can use the self-test to review your understanding of the relationship between environmental stresses, evolutionary adaptations, and specific plant modifications. Meet with other Bio 204 students or visit the Bio Learning Center for help. 1. The following plants are epiphytes -they have evolved adaptations for living on other plants. Since their roots are not in contact with the ground their nutrients have to arrive by air. What parts of these plants has been modified? What environmental stresses led to evolution of these adaptations? 2. These plants live in an entirely aquatic environment . Select one and describe an adaptation the plant has either for gas exchange, floating or nutrient acquisition? 3.
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  • Fall '07
  • O'Neal
  • 3 mm, Environmental Stresses, Bio Learning Center, specific plant modifications, possible adaptive advantages

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