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Student guide Greenhouse Lab

Student guide Greenhouse Lab - Guide to the are Research...

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in the shaded areas. These areas are Research or Prep Bays. Guide to the Greenhouse Lab for Students. Lab Activity 2: Plant Anatomy, Modified Organs, Flowers, and Seed Dispersal Tables for Activity 2: There will be subgoups of 2 students working on all the activiites. Lone students from adjacent groups can opt to pair up. 2 A: Roots, Stems, and Leaves LM p. 21 Figure 2.6 Plant Anatomy section What to do? Share with Group Cactus and Coleus Identify the items in figure 2.6, except roots (see picture for roots). View also under the dissecting scope. Dissect the petiole, and part of the stem, make wet mounts, and view under cmpd scope (fig. 2.7). See picture of cactus anatomy. Observe, Note, and Sketch. Point out the structures to the other 2 group members. Show the structures under scope also. Communicate how you did the dissection and point out the structures under the scope to the other two group members. Sedum (demo) Prepare a wet mount of a cross section of a sedum leaf. View the succulent tissue with the 4X, 10X, & 40X objectives.
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