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greenhouse inlab instructions f10 - Investigations in the...

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9/28/10 Investigations in the Greenhouse Lab This file is on Bb for student access during the lab. Exploring Plant Anatomy For this lab, all plant dissections can be viewed on the dissecting microscope at maximum magnification. Limit viewing of plant dissections on the compound microscope to the 4X and 10X objective because the tissue may be too thick for the 40 X objective (with some exceptions). Ask your Instructor if you are not sure.
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Click to edit Master subtitle style 9/28/10 Potato ( Solanum Tuberosum L .) Family: Solanaceae Preparation of stained potato tissue 1. Slice a thin cross-section along the length of the potato that is thin enough to be translucent. 2. Place the thin slice on a glass slide without a cover slip. 3. Add 2 to 3 drops of IKI stain to the sample on the glass slide and allow 1-2 minutes for absorption of the stain. 4. Rinse the tissue with water and discard the waste water into the container in the hood. 5. Add a coverslip and view the tissue under the compound microscope at 100X magnification. 6. View the tissue at 400X magnification only if your tissue slice is very thin to prevent the coverslip from touching the lens. a) Potato lightly stained with IKI and b) densely stained with IKI viewed at low magnification . The bluish- black sacs are the starch-containing granules called amyloplast. Can you locate the boundaries of the cells? Food For Thought 1. Observe the external features of a potato. Can you determine if this vegetable is a leaf, stem, or root based on its external morphology? 2.
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greenhouse inlab instructions f10 - Investigations in the...

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