Education 438 Paper #1

Education 438 Paper #1 - Monica N Gomez 3-27-08 Education...

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Monica N Gomez 3-27-08 Education 438 Paper #1 The process and theory of teaching reading and writing varies from person to person. Many people will agree that when teaching reading and writing to students, the context needs to be something that is in their realm of understanding and interest. If a teacher can connect with the student’s primary discourse, and eventually have them connect with a secondary discourse, then the student should be able to learn the material. Education should value each child as a whole so that they may live a better life. Throughout history many theorists came up with different theories and principles that shape the way theorists approach teaching reading and writing today. Literacy, back in the day, was sometimes taught with the phonics approach. Phonics a method of teaching reading and spelling based upon the phonetic interpretation of ordinary spelling according to There was a debate on whether to teach literacy from a phonics approach or a whole language approach. A whole language approach involves the student trying to understand the context and meaning of what they are reading. Theorist E.B. Huey believes that students shouldn’t be taught to read letter by letter, but instead to read the entire word for its meaning. Huey had a whole language approach towards literacy and teaching it to students. Another theorist, John Dewey approached teaching literacy very similarly. He doesn’t agree with the basic skills approach of recitation, drill, and mastery. Instead he believes that the students should build on their own experiences to be able to understand what they are reading. Simply put, they’ll learn
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more if they read about something they’re interested in. On the other hand, theorist Edward L. Thorndike approaches teaching reading and writing from a basic skills approach. In the book Multiple Voices, Multiple Texts , it says “…Thorndike’s behaviorist model, which explained how the stimulus response might work in education and how to test for student performance on each part of any learning procedure,” (1997, 8). According to his model, he shows that teaching students the basic skills of literacy will
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Education 438 Paper #1 - Monica N Gomez 3-27-08 Education...

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