hist 1311 notes.(own) - The new world discovered by...

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The new world discovered by Columbus First humas in western hemisphere were thought to hav com frm Siberia by crossin bering strait by land bridge some 12000 to 1500 yrs bck Over 500 yrs fanned out in small groups from arctic to south America Its believed ppl cam som 18000-40000 yrs ago by sea frm asia nd south western Europe Pre colubian Indians ( 800bc-600ad) adena Hopewell culture of ohio river valley (ad600-1500) mississipian culture of southeast (400bc- present) hohokam anasazi culture of southwest Noe developed as mayas, Aztecs and incas to the south 240 diffnt tribes when Europeans arrived Adena Hopewell todays Midwest left enormous earthworksand burial mounds The adena and later the Hopewell were gatheres and hunters and complex social structure Hopewells had elaborate trade network through out continent Mississipi river valley flourished in 900-1350 resembled mayan and Aztec (intense agri based on corn bea and squashes) The arid southwest irrigation based cultures anasazi (enemy ancestors) lacked rigid class structure Everyone worked like the rest environmental factors shaped anasazi and its decline
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hist 1311 notes.(own) - The new world discovered by...

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