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CHAPTER 1 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E1-5 a. Investment in Bright Company $408,000 b. Additional Paid-In Capital $348,000 E1-6 b. Additional Paid-In Capital $378,000 E1-7 b. Additional Paid-In Capital $18,000 E1-8 c. Capital, Glover Corporation $450,000 E1-9 (2) Merger Expense $4,000 E1-10 a. Goodwill $120,000 E1-11 Additional Paid-In Capital $561,000 E1-12 a. Common Stock $280,000 e. Goodwill $45,000 g. Retained Earnings $330,000 E1-13 Goodwill $55,000 E1-14 Goodwill $8,000 E1-15 Gain on Bargain Purchase of Subsidiary $36,000 E1-16 b. Goodwill $35,000 E1-17 b. Goodwill impairment $15,000 E1-18 Total goodwill $158,000 E1-19 b. Goodwill $50,000 E1-20 Fair Value Increment Buildings and Equipment $76,000 E1-21 b. Par Value $7.00 E1-22 Goodwill $75,000
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Unformatted text preview: E1-23 Goodwill $30,000 E1-24 20X2: Net Income $6,028,000 P1-25 b. Additional Paid-In Capital $140,000 P1-26 b. Additional Paid-In Capital $350,000 P1-27 d. Assets declined $14,000 P1-28 a. Capital, Kranz Company $300,000 P1-29 c. Cash $24,000 P1-30 Gain $6,000 P1-31 Goodwill $12,000 P1-32 Goodwill $127,000 P1-33 a. Buildings and Equipment $150,000 b. Goodwill $38,000 P1-34 Gain on Bargain Purchase $45,000 P1-35 b. Required fair value $1,020,000 P1-36 b. Goodwill impairment $30,000 P1-37 Goodwill $95,000 P1-38 b. Retained Earnings $180,000 P1-39 Premium on Capital Stock $405,000 P1-40 a. Goodwill $13,000 P1-41 b. $208,000 d. $130,000 P1-42 b. $8.00 e. $364,000 h. $58,000 P1-43 a. Goodwill $109,700 b. Gain $1,189,900...
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