Chapter3CF8e - $570,000 E3-23* a. $690,000 c. $50,000 P3-25...

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CHAPTER 3 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E3-5 b. $605,000 c. $405,000 E3-6 a. $645,000 d. $190,000 E3-8 Total Assets $680,000 E3-9 Total Assets $830,000 E3-10 Total Assets $830,000 E3-11 Total Assets $379,100,000 E3-12 Total Liabilities and Equities $682,500 E3-14 b. Accounts Payable $60,000 E3-15 b. Total Stockholders' Equity $1,106,000 E3-16 c. Consolidated Net Income $70,000 E3-17 b. Total Stockholders' Equity $262,000 E3-18 Total Assets $1,110,000 E3-19* b. Total Revenue $600,000 d. Consolidated Net Income $160,000 E3-20* b. $400,000 E3-21* a. $290,000 c. $217,500 E3-22* a. Consolidated Net Income $140,000 c. Total Revenue
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Unformatted text preview: $570,000 E3-23* a. $690,000 c. $50,000 P3-25 c. Consolidated Net Income $70,000 P3-26 c. $10,000 d. P3-27 $126,300 P3-28 e. $48,000 P3-29 c. $48,800 P3-30 Total Assets $25,140,000 P3-31 Total Assets $15,300,000 P3-32 c. Cost of Goods Sold $295,000 P3-33 d. Accounts Payable $120,000 P3-34 Total Assets $718,000 P3-35 a. Purchase price $192,000 c. Consolidated Net Income $143,000 P3-36 a. $24,000 P3-37 Consolidated Net Income $137,000 P3-38 b. Receivables (net) $508,000 e. Equipment (net) 2,023,000 k. Depreciation Expense $392,000 P3-39* a. Cash and Inventory $360,000 c. Goodwill $20,000...
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