Chapter7CF8e - P7-23 b $81,000 P7-24 c $13,100 P7-25 d...

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CHAPTER 7 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E7-6 c. Credit Cost of Goods Sold $750,000 E7-7 c. Credit Cost of Goods Sold $708,000 E7-8 e. Debit Retained Earnings $21,600 E7-9 c. $454,000 E7-10 c. Income to Controlling Interest $486,000 E7-11 b. $269,500 E7-12 b. $240,000 E7-13 b. $75,000 E7-14 b. Noncontrolling Interest $108,000 E7-15* d. Reduce Cost of Goods Sold $280,000 E7-17 b. 20X9: $95,000 P7-18 d. $40,000 P7-19 20X4: $394,200 P7-20 $161,900 P7-21 b. Reduce Cost of Goods Sold $128,000 P7-22 d. $136,500 i. $107,000
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Unformatted text preview: P7-23 b. $81,000 P7-24 c. $13,100 P7-25 d. $143,600 P7-26 b. $161,000 P7-27 c. Noncontrolling Interest $73,520 P7-28 b. Cost of Goods and Services $186,000 P7-29 c. $67,600 P7-30 b. Noncontrolling Interest $44,100 P7-31 b. Cost of Goods Sold $287,000 P7-32 d. $27,600 P7-33 Consolidated Retained Earnings $3,052,900 P7-34 c. Noncontrolling Interest $74,000 P7-35 Retained Earnings, December 31, 20X9: $(910,000) P7-36A d. Cost of Goods Sold $564,000 P7-37A c. Noncontrolling Interest $74,000...
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