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Chapter8CF8e - $3,150 P8-18 d Loss on Bond Retirement...

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CHAPTER 8 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E8-1 c. Debit Premium on Bonds Payable $5,400 E8-2 a. $105,000 E8-3 a. $16,800 E8-7 b. Premium on Bonds Payable $8,400 E8-8 a. Gain on Bond Retirement $12,800 E8-9 Investment in Farley Corporation Bonds $297,120 E8-10 Loss on Bond Retirement $12,000 E8-11 b. Gain on Bond Retirement $7,000 E8-12 c. Increase Consolidated Net Income $12,000 E8-13 b. $6,580 P8-14 e. Consolidated Retained Earnings $277,200 P8-15 e. Noncontrolling Interest $13,500 P8-16 d. Noncontrolling Interest $61,800 P8-17 g. Credit Retained Earnings
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Unformatted text preview: $3,150 P8-18 d. Loss on Bond Retirement $6,300 P8-19 b. Carrying Amount $107,000 P8-20 c. Noncontrolling Interest $54,900 P8-21 a. Purchase Price $106,200 P8-22 c. Consolidated Retained Earnings $501,680 P8-23 b. Income to Controlling Interest $100,240 P8-24 b. Consolidated Retained Earnings $270,000 P8-25 g. Noncontrolling Interest $61,780 P8-26 b. Consolidated Retained Earnings $279,550 P8-27 (8) $4,620 P8-28 b. Investment, January 1, 20X7 $1,197,000 P8-29A d. Income from Subsidiary $30,600 P8-30A c. Bennett's Ending Retained Earnings $222,600...
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