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Chapter10CF8e - $268,000 P10-17 b Cash from Operating...

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CHAPTER 10 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E10-1 a. Cash balance $83,000 E10-2 b. Cash Provided by Operations $320,000 E10-3 Cash Paid to Suppliers $193,000 E10-4 a. Cash Received from Customers $482,000 E10-5 Cash from Operating Activities $545,000 E10-6 Cash Payments to Suppliers $378,000 E10-7 a. Dividends paid by Jones Delivery $15,000 E10-8 b. Income to Controlling Interest $159,000 E10-9 b. Income to Noncontrolling Interst $3,000 E10-10 Debits to Total Deferred Tax Asset $48,000 ($8,000 + $40,000) E10-11 Record Income Tax Expense $8,000 E10-12 a. Income Tax Assigned to Block $16,000 E10-13 Consolidated Earnings Per Share $6.50 E10-14 Diluted Earnings Per Share $1.92 E10-15 Basic Earnings Per Share $7.04 P10-16 Cash Payments to Suppliers
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Unformatted text preview: $268,000 P10-17 b. Cash from Operating Activities $97,000 P10-18 b. Cash Paid to Suppliers $301,000 P10-19 b. Cash from Operating Activities $146,000 P10-20 b. Cash Received from Customers $635,000 P10-21 Dividends Paid to Noncontrolling Shareholders $4,000 P10-22 Cash Paid to Suppliers $1,015,000 P10-23 Cash Used in Financing Activities $179,000 P10-24 b. Cash Used in Investing Activities $45,000 P10-25 b. Differential $100,000 P10-26 c. Consolidated Retained Earnings $154,500 P10-27 b. Deferred Tax Asset $38,000 P10-28 d. Net Assets Assigned to Noncontrolling Interest $202,500 P10-29 b. Consolidated Tax Expense $56,000 P10-30 Diluted Earnings Per Share $6.83 P10-31 Basic Earnings Per Share $3.74...
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