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CHAPTER 13 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E13-1 b. 75 Percent Test 87.3% E13-2 3. Operating Profit $200,000 E13-3 8. Expenses Includible $145,000 E13-4 a. (3) Cost of Goods Sold $3,600 E13-5 a. (IV) Cost of Goods Sold $323,000 b. (IV) Cost of Goods Sold $349,000 E13-6 3. Tax Benefit in First Quarter $10,000 E13-8 Service Contracts $6,100,000 E13-9 a. Estimated Income Taxes for Year $408,800 E13-10 Tax Benefits for Period 2 $32,000
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Unformatted text preview: E13-12 7. Not Acceptable E13-13 b. Revenue Test Amount $900,000 X .10 P13-14 b. Revenue Test Amount $2,110,000 X .10 d. Furniture Segment is Reportable P13-15 b. Net Income $72,000 P13-16 b. Net Income $148,050 P13-17 a. U.S. Operating Profit $680 P13-18 a. Retrospective Adjustment of Prior Interims P13-19 a. Test Amount for Segment Profit or Loss $105 million P13-20 b. Consolidated Revenue Test $856,000,000 X .10 P13-21 O...
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