Chapter15CF8e - P15-12 b Eastwood Total $21,078 P15-13 c...

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CHAPTER 15 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E15-1 4. b $330,000 E15-2 b. Angela Total $10,400 E15-3 Left Total $24,510 E15-4 a. Apple Total $40,473 E15-6 b. Goodwill to New Partner $20,000 E15-7 a. Goodwill to Prior Partners $40,000 e. Goodwill to New Partner $5,000 E15-8 4. Boris' Capital $54,000 E15-9 c. Total Goodwill $30,000 E15-10 Case 4: Total Goodwill $24,000 P15-11 b. Wayne to Invest $180,000 d. Inventory Writedown of $60,000
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Unformatted text preview: P15-12 b. Eastwood Total $21,078 P15-13 c. Snider Investment $232,000 g. Snider Investment $140,000 P15-14 b. Luc Total $52,525 P15-15 c. Ace, Capital After Spade's Retirement $126,000 g. Ace, Capital After Space's Retirement $154,000 P15-16 3. Capital Amount to Johnson $19,000 P15-17 a. Jordan Allocation of 2007 Net Income $10,500 P15-18A b. Delaney Total $19,250 P15-19 Part II: a. Net Income $260,000...
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