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Chapter16CF8e - 3 Drennen's Net Worth $497,500 E16-12A Net...

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CHAPTER 16 CHECK FIGURES BAKER LEMBKE KING JEFFREY Advanced Financial Accounting, Eighth Edition E16-1 3. d E16-2 3. d E16-3 c. Bracken Final Cash Distribution $7,000 E16-4 Mitchell Final Capital $24,000 E16-5 Safe Payment to Connie $9,000 E16-6 Safe Payment to Joiner $49,000 E16-7 a. Payment to Osman $42,857 E16-9 Safe Payment to Adams $25,000 E16-10* E16-11A
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Drennen's Net Worth $497,500 E16-12A Net Worth on August 31 $66,400 P16-13 a. Payment to Carlos $76,667 P16-14 Safe Payment on January 31 to Chou $18,400 P16-15 Cash Distribution to Evan $34,500 P16-16 Safe Payment to Evan on July 31 $6,500 P16-17 Safe Payment to Son July 31 $22,500 P16-18 S Receives First Payment to Partners $27,500...
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