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Chapter 1: Applications Problems 1. Refer ahead to the Chapter 3 problem and citation about the USAir team that planned MetroJet, the company's low-cost commuter airline. Part of the team efforts involved taking notes of operations aboard Southwest Airlines flights, snapping photos on Alaska Airlines flights, and investigating baggage loading and gate agents' uniforms on airlines like Delta Express and Shuttle by United. Carefully explain how these efforts
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Unformatted text preview: illustrate aspects of "Economic Darwinism." 2. In 2004, violinists in the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn, Germany, sued for higher pay on the grounds that they play more notes than other instrumentalists in the orchestra. (“We’re being fiddled, say violinists”, The Guardian , March 24, 2004.) What if musicians were paid by the note? List ways in which this incentive system could be gamed....
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