Half life of a first order reaction is a constant

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Unformatted text preview: exponential curve; graph of ln [A] vs. t is a straight line with a negative slope where slope = k the rate constant. Half-life of a first order reaction is a constant; t1/2=0.693/k. Integrated form of first order equation: ln [A]t ln = − kt + ln [A]0 OR ln [A]0 – ln[A]t = kt OR equations are given in the Data Book). [ A]0 = kt [ A]t ; [A]t = [A]0e-kt (the last two o If the rate quadruples when concentration doubles: rate = k [A]2. Graph of 1/[A] against time is a straight line for a second order reaction with a positive slope = k. © IBID Press 2007 2 CHAPTER 6 KINETICS (IB TOPICS 6 AND 16) SUMMARY o For a third-order reaction, if rate = k[A]3, then as [A] doubles, rate increases 8 times. o Rate increases with temperature when concentrations are constant, k increases rapidly with T and is temperature dependent, producing a straight line graph...
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