O o rate expression law is the dependence of rate

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Unformatted text preview: o the same extent; does not change ΔH of a reaction. • Rate expression (law) is the dependence of rate on concentration expressed mathematically. • For the reaction: A + B + C → products, rate =k[A]m[B]n[C]p, where m, n, and p are the orders of the reaction with respect to each reactant A, B, C. The overall order = (m + n + p). © IBID Press 2007 1 CHAPTER 6 KINETICS (IB TOPICS 6 AND 16) SUMMARY Orders of reaction are obtained experimentally, not from Stoichiometry; however any mechanism must be consistent with overall Stoichiometry of the reaction. • Rate constant, k, is the constant in the rate expression. It is temperature dependent. Units of rate constant depend on the rate expression; units of zero order rate constant, ko = units of rate = mol dm−3 s−1. Units of 1st order rate constant, k1 = s−1. Units of 2nd order rate constant, k2 = dm3 mol−1 s−1; units of 3rd order rate constant, k3 = dm6 mol−2 s−1 (units must...
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