2010 PHYSICS 002C Lecture 11

2010 PHYSICS 002C Lecture 11 - PHYSICS 002C Lecture 11...

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PHYSICS 002C Lecture 11 April 21, 2010 Serway and Jewett Chapter 25.1-4 – Reflection and refraction Chap 25.1 The nature of light Clicker Q1: Light is a(n) a) wave equation; b) electromagnetic wave; c) Poynting vector; d) Maxwell’s equation; e) vacuum polarization. Clicker Q2: A light ray is a) an idealized light beam; b) a stinging cartilaginous fish; c) a fast sail boat d) the electric field vector; e) the Pionting vector. Newton’s corpuscular theory of light (ca. 1700) – Light travels in rays (straight line paths) like a stream of massless particles. Huygens wave model or Huygens’ principle (1678) – Light is a wave; each wave crest is a source of more waves, such that each point on a wave crest generates a spherical wave. The new waves add to explain reflection and refraction. Thomas Young (1773-1829) and his interference pattern Young’s interference experiments (1801) proved that light behaves like a wave, as did Maxwell’s theory (1865) and Hertz’s wave experiments (1887). BUT…. Hertz’s photoelectric effect experiments (1887) showed that light is particles! Which one – wave or particle – depends on the experiment. This fact, called wave-particle duality , is exhibited by all objects that are subject to the laws of quantum mechanics, which means all objects that can interact with our world. 1
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Chap 25.2 Perhaps the idea of light rays originated from seeing sunbeams that are made visible by dust or mist. Sunbeams make fuzzy shadows, but this is because the angular size of the
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2010 PHYSICS 002C Lecture 11 - PHYSICS 002C Lecture 11...

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