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2010 PHYSICS 002C Lecture 12

2010 PHYSICS 002C Lecture 12 - PHYSICS 002C Lecture 12...

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PHYSICS 002C Lecture 12 April 23, 2010 Serway and Jewett Chapter 25.5-7 – Dispersion and Total internal reflection Chap 25.1 The nature of light Newton’s corpuscular theory of light (ca. 1700) Huygens wave model or Huygens’ principle (1678) Hertz’s wave experiments (1887) Hertz’s photoelectric effect experiments (1887) Which one – wave or particle – depends on the experiment. Wave-particle duality is universal. Chap 25.2 There is no such thing as a perfect light ray. But … a point on a wave moves perpendicular to the wave front along a path that is an ideal light ray. Chap 25.3 Reflection of light The law of reflection ' 1 1 . This law does not hold for a rough surface because such a surface does not have translational and rotational symmetry. 1 Retroreflection. The men on the moon left corner cube retroreflector arrays so people on earth could see where they had been and know there was no hoax involved. The Apollo 11 Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment The retroreflectors were also used to measure the precise distance to the moon by the round trip time of flight of laser pulses. Corner reflector What is the round trip time? 2 3.84e8 m / 3e8 m/s = 2.56 s Chap 24.4 Refraction of light is the bending of a light ray as it moves through regions of space where its speed is changing with position while its frequency is unchanged. Snell’s law 2 2 1 1 sin sin n n . The index of refraction is defined as 1 n / vac n .
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The figure shows a light ray bending when it passes through a sphere of transparent material of refractive index n 2 . The bending angle
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2010 PHYSICS 002C Lecture 12 - PHYSICS 002C Lecture 12...

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