PROBLEM 9 & 10 April 5 2010

PROBLEM 9 & 10 April 5 2010 - SOLVING PROBLEM 9...

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SOLVING PROBLEM 9 April 7, 2010 (like 13.18): A sinusoidal traveling wave is approaching the origin traveling left (from the + x side) on a taught piece of string fixed at the origin ( x =0). The wave velocity is 10 m/s and the wavelength is 1 m. When the wave is isolated from any reflections (i.e. far from the origin) its amplitude is 0.1 m. When the wave is bouncing off the fixed point at the origin, what is the amplitude of the wave motion of the part of the string that is one quarter wavelength from the origin? a) 0.2 m; b) 2 m; c) 20 m; d) 0.02 m; e) 0.002 m. What do you know? If the string is fixed, the amplitude is zero there. Thus when the wave is reflecting off the fixed point it will be a sum of the original wave going left ) sin( ) , ( t kx A t x y plus a wave going right with the same amplitude but possibly a different phase: ) sin( ) , ( ' t kx A t x y . At the origin the sum is
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