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PROBLEM 23 & 24 April 23 2010

PROBLEM 23 & 24 April 23 2010 - The index of...

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Solving problems 23 & 24 April 23 2010 Problem 23 (like 25.17): An inventor creates a laser-guided spear gun, such that if the laser beam is shining on a fish, the spear will be pointing directly at the fish. The system works great in air, but fish in the air, like flying fish, are rare. However, as in the book Hatchet , the unfortunate fishing inventor discovers that when the laser is aimed at a fish through the water surface 45 o from the vertical direction, he always misses his fish. What is the horizontal displacement of the spear’s trajectory relative to the laser in a plane 1 m below the surface?
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Unformatted text preview: The index of refraction of the water is 4/3. a) 0.537 m; b) 0.374 m; c) 0.753 m; d) 0.626 m; e) 0.109 m. Problem 24 (like 25.23): A researcher wishes to illuminate a bacterial cell on the other side of an acrylic plate simultaneously with two narrow laser beams in air ( n 1 =1.000). If the 400 nm beam ( n 2 = 1.507) is at an angle of 30 o relative to the normal to the surface, what must be the angle of the 600 nm beam ( n 2 ’ = 1.490) so that both beams go in the same directi on? a) 30.00 o ; b) 30.86 o ; c) 29.63 o ; d) 30.38 o ; e) 28.25 o ....
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