PROBLEM 25 & 26 April 29 2010

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Solving problems 25 & 26 April 29, 2010 Problem 25 (like 26.06): A periscope for looking behind you consists of a pair of mirrors, one above the other, with their surfaces at 45 o from the vertical and whose surfaces are perpendicular to each other. You see a man approaching from behind. The image is. a) right side up and forwards ; b) upside down and backwards; c) right side up and backwards; d) upside down and forwards; e) invisible. What do you know? I have to draw a picture of the mirrors with extended surfaces so I can easily see where the virtual images are – on the opposite sides of the mirror from the objects. Then you easily see that the 2 nd virtual image is inverted. However the man’s right hand is still on the right so he looks upside down and backwards.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 26 (like 26.14): A thin vacuum container is made from a sheet of shiny aluminum foil. The air pressure forms the foil into beautiful concave mirror, but you are worried that it may pop suddenly and ruin the delicate experiment inside the container. The distance from the mirror where your finger and its image in the mirror are up and down pointing at each other and have the same size is 0.5 m. What is the radius of curvature of the mirror? a) 1 m; b) 2 m; c) 0.707 m; d) 0.5 m; e) 0.25 m. Answer The tip of your finger is at the center of curvature because the light rays are returning to the same point. Thus the radius of curvature is 0.5 m....
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