PROBLEM 29 & 30 May 03 2010

PROBLEM 29 & 30 May 03 2010 - m away when green...

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Solving problems 29 and 30 May 3, 2010 Problem 29 (like 27.09): What is the slit spacing if I observe fringes 6.328 cm apart a distance of 1 m from the slits when they are illuminated with red laser light of wavelength 632.8 nm? a) 100 m; b) 10 mm; c) 10 m; d) 1 m; e) 10 nm What do you know? The distance between minima on the screen is d L x / so 6.328e-2= 632.8e-9x1/d so d = 1e-5 m = 10 m. Problem 30 (like 27.12): What is the width of a spot on a screen 5
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Unformatted text preview: m away when green laser light of wavelength 532 nm passes through a 25 m slit? Pretend that light from either side of the slit is behaving like light going through a double slit and find the distance between the two central diffraction minima to determine the width of the spot. a) 100 m ; b) 10 cm ; c) 10 m ; d) 1 m ; e) 100 nm What do you know? The distance between minima on the screen is d L / = 532e-9x5/25e-6=0.106m = 10 cm. 1...
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